Dec 16, 2010

Perfect Alignment

Every November, Barney and I get to witness a phenomenon that never fails to amaze us!
But then I suppose you could say we are easily entertained.
Years ago we bought an Edward Hopper print at a museum store simply because we liked it. We hung it in our bedroom because the wall color in the photo seemed a similar color. Actually, when we hung it, it was the exact color, and fit there very nicely. We often discussed what was really going on in the painting, who was saying what to the other, and what the artist was trying to portray. One sunny morning in November about five years ago while we were enjoying coffee in bed, we noticed the sunlight came through our porch doors hitting the wall at the same angle as the sunlight came through the window in the painting. And sure enough, as the sun rose, it lined up with the path of the sun ray in the photo! I mean exactly! It was almost like something divine! So every year we look for it after Halloween, when the sun is low and shadows are deep, and we get just as excited when it breaks through the high window over our porch and is in perfect alignment for only a couple of days every November. (And, no, we have never moved the picture from where we originally hung it years ago.) Here is a photo...enjoy our phenomena with us.

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  1. I love this. It reminds me of the temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt, which was positioned so that the inner sanctuary only receives direct sunlight on 2 days per year. Nature's magic - how wonderful that you get to enjoy it every year. By the way, our living room is that colour too!