Jan 21, 2009

Three states down. Forty-seven to go.

Best State Cookbooks
Gwen drove and Barbara read the map.
Somehow we always got where we were going.

Our early strategy was to concentrate on those neighboring states because they were convenient to get to. These were the days before the Internet. So our normal method of finding local cookbooks was to actually travel throughout the state by car.

The states we concentrated on next:

d Tennessee
d Florida
d Alabama
d Georgia
d Kentucky
d North Carolina
d South Carolina

Gwen usually did the driving and Barbara, with map in lap, the navigating. best diner foodWe stopped at bookstores, gift and kitchen shops, restaurants, bed an breakfasts, chamber of commerce offices, tourist bureaus and any other place that might offer the possibility of discovering a popular local cookbook.
Without fail, in every state, the BEST thing was the people they met and the information they so proudly shared.

~ Gwen

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