Oct 25, 2012

National Dessert Month - Part 3: Fruitfully Delicious

Who says that eating fruit has to be boring? Part 3 of our National Dessert Month celebration continues our list of America's Top 10 Favorite Desserts with our country's most beloved fruit desserts, accompanied by recipes from our brand new cookbook, Guilty Pleasures.

7.  Apple Pie 

Apple pie is a widely-acknowledged American icon, embodied in the expression “as American as apple pie.” However, this succulent pastry originated amongst the Europeans some centuries before it appeared in the New World. Recipes for apple pie in England can be traced all the way back to the 14th century. Dutch apple pie can also be traced back to 17th century Holland.

European settlers brought their love of pies with them to the New World. Various fruit pies were immensely popular amongst the colonists, and records indicate that the apple pie was a popular treat in Delaware and Pennsylvania in the late 18th century. In the 20th century, apple pie became a symbol of American pride and prosperity, likely resulting from the pastry’s enduring prominence.

Today, quite a few variations of apple pie are available to tantalize our taste buds, but we are somewhat partial to the Southern fried version. Our recipe for “Fried Apple Pies” is sure to make your mouth water!

8. Cobbler 

Perhaps the saying “American as apple pie” should be altered to say “American as fruit cobbler,” because this classic dessert is as thoroughly all-American as any dish could ever hope to be!

The cobbler’s origins begin with the dawn of American history in the British colonies. The early settlers were unable to make their traditional suet puddings due to a lack of ingredients and cooking tools, so they created a dish involving a stewed filling topped with biscuits or dumplings. This new dish acquired the name “cobbler” due to the top crust resembling a cobbled street.

While the original cobblers were prepared in both sweet and savory varieties, the dish finally became primarily a dessert in the 19th century. Today, there are many variants of the traditional cobbler (fruit filling topped with a thick crust), such as a fruit crumble or a brown betty. Admittedly, we’re rather partial to our recipe for “My Favorite Peach Cobbler,” which is sure to become a favorite of yours as well! 

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