Nov 16, 2011

The season is here

Once a year, Quail Ridge Press has a Warehouse Sale to offer people in our community the opportunity to get slightly hurt books at big discounts.  It helps us clean out our warehouse for sure.  But mostly, we love meeting our customers and hearing their comments and suggestions about our cookbooks.  This year the weather was perfect!  We had people, not only from our own community, but from all over Mississippi.  There was a lot of Christmas shopping going on by some very smart people who know cookbooks make lasting gifts with delicious results.  

The 500 Fast and Fabulous Five-Star Five Ingredient Cookbook, More Five Ingredient Cookbook, and the Party Foods and Appetizers cookbooks were among the most popular as gifts for young cooks.  What am I saying? They were also buying them for themselves!  Our new regional series was popular, too.  And One-Dish Wonders was a come-back-for-more discovery.

Patty Roper's beautiful new cookbook, Easy Does It: Winners and Favorites had just come in, and though there were not any hurt copies, people were excited to be among the first to buy this beautiful new cookbook.  And as always, The Twelve Days of Christmas Cookbook, the first book we published back in 1978, continues to be our best seller at this event.  

The season is here.  We hope you will be cooking up some delicious dishes for the holiday season, with lots of help from our cookbooks.  Enjoy the season...and all the goodies that go with it.

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  1. What I love about sales like these is when they're discounted and have loads of cookbooks! It's so nice to know that you consider your customers by having this sale during the holidays. They're also the perfect holiday gift! If I were there I would have bought one for my mom. She's into cooking. :-)

    Duane Williams