Sep 28, 2011

American Adventure

In early September we were privileged to entertain a guest from Oerie, Germany. Kim was delightful and so curious about every thing American, especially the food! It was special that after tasting gumbo in two different restaurants, she liked homemade best. She tried everything I fed her in the week she was here and loved it all. Imagine watching someone eat grits for the first time! And then she was amazed at the wafer-thin bacon. Her favorite breakfast was Popover Pancakes.

We also took her on a river boat tour of the Mississippi, which was on her list of want-to-do's, and took the office crew and spouses with us. It was so much fun! And the sun setting on the river was awesome! We got to see so much more of our surroundings than we ever have. I recommend you take a visitor around, or just treat yourself as if you were. America is truly a beautiful country no matter where you go.

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