Aug 5, 2011

Breakfast in Prague

Believe it or not, this is breakfast! Who says breakfast has to be bacon and eggs? Well, in the Savic Hotel in Prague, the breakfast bar was anything but usual. I welcomed beans and carrots and potatoes to go with my bacon and follow my cereal! We spent the entire day hoofing around this beautiful city, and a hearty breakfast is exactly what we needed. I didn't choose the cheeses and cold meats and fishes that morning (like son Shawn did), or the Nutella to chocolate up my pastry (though made in America, available at almost all European breakfast buffets), but there was lots more available. These carrots were pretty bland, but I'm a carrot lover and look for ways to encourage people to eat more of them.
I really like the recipe for Cody Carrots in our Best of the Best from Big Sky Cookbook. It was shared by the Great Entertainer Cookbook, and I suppose Wild Bill Cody had something to do with it, perhaps if just to lend his name. Nevertheless, it has a bit of wildness to it, but delicious! Mention this blog by using the code BLOG when you checkout, and get a 20% discount through September 2011. You'll be glad you did!

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